About Us

Nepali-Speaking Community Church began as a gathering of 5 Nepali speaking families meeting in each other’s homes weekly for Bible Study in its first 6 months. Durring that time a group of Nepali speaking young people were also gathering on their own, lacking important leadership and solid Christian teachings and guidance. We worshipped independently at local American churches with both Americans and fellow non-Christian Nepali speaking people. As a result, many Nepali speaking people started showing interest in Christianity. They wanted to follow the teachings of Jesus, but did not know how to do so in the context of their own culture. In order to reach out and communicate the Gospel more effectively to Nepali culture and language, we desired to worship the Lord together in our Nepali language.

We officially started our fellowship on 12th October 2012 in the facility of Holy Cross Episcopalian Church on Breton Road, Grand Rapids, Michigan. With a passion to reach out to our own various cultures in the Greater Grand Rapids community, we extended our ministry from merely meeting once a week in the rented church building to visiting houses and conducting house fellowship on a weekly basis.

Our vision is to reach and transform the lives of Nepali-Speaking people by the gospel of Jesus Christ locally and globally to glorify God.


We envision bringing the church back to the heart of worship by instilling the biblical truth: that God demands our worship in all we do. We seek to bring praise and worship to God in our heart's language so that each one of us can worship God in Nepali language and also be conscious of what we are voluntarily partaking of.


We envision building a community of Faith that longs and seeks to glorify God and be led by His Holy Spirit. We also envision a community that testifies Christ's love and grace to neighboring the community.


We envision serving the members in the body rather than be served as our Lord has taught us in the Holy Scripture. We always seek for opportunity to serve people beyond the building of the church.


We envision taking the Saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ to Nepali speaking communities in Greater Grand Rapids and other parts of the US. Moreover, we aspire to reach beyond the borders.

1. Scripture shaped life.
2. Christ-centered community church.
3. Mission(s) motivated actions.
4. Biblically rooted discipleship and leadership.
5. Christ-like Character.
6. Submission to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

We uphold the tradition and the structure of Reformed Church in America. While we try to retain Nepali culture by worshipping in Nepali language, we follow RCA church governing structure in the church. The Church of Christ in rule and administered by the group of elders and deacons or consistory rather than one person.



Pastors who serve the church

- Ps.Yakuv Gurung

- Ps.Falgun Sunuwar

- Ps.Satya Maharjan

Our Staff

Elders & Deacons

- Eld. Tek Bhattarai / Youth Director

- Bharat Bal Tamang / Worship Director

- Eld.Rinzin Tamang / Outreach Director

- Lal Rai / Deacon

- Silvia Sunuwar / Deacon, Mercy Ministry

- Khadka Ghaley / Deacon

- Milan Bakkhem /Deacon

- Depak Gurung / Worship Leader